Industry 4.0. Proyect. Comprehensive Digitalization of processes in FROXÁ.

Froxá has incorporated various process digitalization applications. Specifically, the following actions have been implemented:

  • The implementation of the MES BITAL system, with a management system by indicators (KPI)
  • The digitalization of various management processes: Electronic invoicing, Digitalization of orders, digitalization of production orders and digitalization of logistics operations.
  • The implementation of a productivity improvement project, OEE 4.0, aimed at quantifying and increasing the value of productivity. (OEE)
Proyecto Industria 4.0. Digitalización integral de procesos en Froxá.

The Project has served to increase the value of productivity, digitize its processes by eliminating papel management, and increasing its efficiency and reliability, reduce the delivery time of some products to customers, improve internal logistics and order management.

With this Project, Financed by the Ministry of Innovation, Industry, Tourism and Commerce of Cantabria and by the FEDER Funds, FROXÁ takes an important step forward in the implementation and consolidation of a Smart Factory model that will make it more competitive in the short and medium term.